Taking advantage of the established position of our trade publications, we have the pleasure of inviting you to read the latest issue and to contribute to and participate in the next edition of the Polish and English language annual edition, published with the electric energy industry in mind, in the widest sense of the term:

Polish Power Plants / Polskie Elektrownie

The aim of the publication is to fill a major gap on the publishing market which discusses issues connected with this industry. The exceptional character and special meaning of the publication lies in the presentation of the current situation in the sector and in a vision of its development in upcoming years. Thanks to the presentations of companies operating in the industry and for the industry, the publication acts as a platform for the exchange of views and contacts between companies and their existing or potential customers. The publication also provides a collection of viewpoints from persons in charge of the foundations of the Polish economy regarding its current condition, opportunities for its further development and changes taking place in the industry. Each issue is published as a popular-science guide, accessible for the reader and presented in the attractive, aesthetically pleasing form of a magazine.
The issue is intended for and distributed to selected bodies of state administration, senior management personnel, technology experts, designers, investors and investors’ representatives, contractors and subcontractors and persons responsible for implementation, development and tender procedures in companies operating in the energy industry, including power plants, heat and power plants and companies dealing in the sales and distribution of energy. Furthermore, the publication is targeted at selected entities in the mining, steel, coke, chemical and petrochemical industries. The publication is also distributed to logistics and shipping companies, equipment and machinery manufacturers, industrial installation repair and construction companies, auditing and consulting companies and to other entities involved with the discussed sector of the market.
The publication is distributed by direct mail, while an additional part of the printing run finds readers among the participants of conferences, symposia, training workshops and other trade events.

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